Thursday, December 13, 2007

{ mischief maker }

At 21 months Annabelle, is turning out to be a lot of things, most of which are entirely endearing. At this point, one thing our days are most certainly, would be um...anything, and I mean anything but dull.

  • For instance, when you find a half a roll of wadded up toilet paper stuffed in the bottom of her potty chair which remains vacant, except for those few occasions when she sticks "hoppy" her favorite stuffed bunny, on it. That being said, the "potty train" is the new big thing around here right now. she sticks "hoppy" her favorite stuffed bunny, on it. That being said, the "potty train" is the new big thing around here right now. And her little potty chair sits ceremoniously. like a royal throne in the smack-dab middle of our living room floor. She is more than happy to run around naked, as she wants to be like her big cousin Jesse who's just started riding the "potty train." So we sing this silly song. And watch her like a hawk, to make sure we don't end up with a puddle or worse on the floor. Occasionaly we bribe her with chocolate. Is that awful of us? Because it works. Just the other night, after her third try, she was promptly rewarded. That's some serious motivation if you ask me.
  • She learned to say pistachio yesterday. Well, sort of. It's something reminiscent to a cross between pea soup and statue. And if she'd been able to crack the shells open by herself, I fear the entire bag would have been *poof* gone like that. Followed by a serious tummy ache.

  • We were in the car yesterday when out of the clear blue, totally uncoaxed she counted to six. Well, she might have skipped four or something but I was floored. I really have no idea where she learned to count like that. Certainly not from me. I am still trying to get her to say A...B....C...D instead of A...B...C...X.

  • So with a stack of Christmas Cards, just waiting to be addressed. My address book went missing. Not good. And I had the most sinking feeling about it, as I have pulled out earrings, toothbrushes and books from the bathroom garbage can before. So you can imagine my relief yesterday, thinking the worst had happened when I found it stashed in the bottom basket of her changing table, under a pile of diapers.

  • maybe the #1 piece of advice I have for people about to be responsible for a 21 month old, would be this: Never take your eye off of them. Not even for five seconds. They are fast. Really fast. Little miss or mister 21 months will be out the door and down the drive way, lickety-split, in under 7 seconds. Or another example would be David and I, laughing about something at the dinner table, absorbed in the humor of the moment, while she sits across the table from us happily chugging away at the bottle of soy sauce. Our reaction to the s.s. incident : wide eyed horror. Hers, " mmmm...salt...num, num! "

  • and of course there are those times all I want to do is sit down and cry, but no matter how rough the day has been.. I can't help but ache with joy. Especially with my hubs coming home to find it a disaster area, his wife down-trodden and frazzled, in spite of which he says things like: "Why do you think I married you?" Then answering his own question with a " so I could cuddle with you every night."

Her eyes twinkle with mischief. And wonder. And magic. And laughter. And affection. And curiosity. And fun. And all I want is for mine to always twinkle back at her in unconditional love.


Leslie said...

the post Chelle is precious. Boy do I know. Yesterday I was so frustrated with Ry's crabbiness and Nick came home 2 hours early to suprise me and found, a disaster of house, no dinner planned at all, me finally showering at 2, and singing out to crabby baby in bumbo while she grunted at me while I tried to shave my legs. I burst in to tears overwhelmed.
And then my prayer that night, Lord help me to always be a joy to her and limit my frustration. Not always easy.
This post hit home, and mine is not 21 months, but still going a million miles a minute.

Gosh Anabelle is DARLING!!

Leslie said...

ohh and soy sauce... that is Icky.

Connie said...

Glad to hear you are getting on the "train"'s Mama that really has to be on board. :-)
I love hearing all about our sweet one, but it makes me seriously miss her. Anticipating seeing you all soon!

Little Candle said...

She is so adorable. And I know my time is coming with Sweet Elijah. Now that he is crawling and getting faster everyday and beginning to pull himself up to stand, walking and running are not that far off. I can see the mischievious glint in his eye that will burst forth when he can run fast! Is does and will continue to keep me on my toes. He is already pulling over plants and managing to find things to get into after I "thought" I had baby proofed everything! Hang in there and I'm sending hugs from the Mid-west.

Sarah :)