Tuesday, November 13, 2007

{ Window Shopping }

Yesterday we felt enough like our back to normal, healthy selves, to go out. And we haven't been out of the house for fun in over a week and a half, so you can imagine how truly refreshing it was to meet friends at the mall. We wandered from store to store. Being in this mall is like what I call walking through catalog land. Because you get to see in real life all the pretty things you admire while sitting at your kitchen table pouring over the catalog that just came in the mail. We Sipped on these:

And I did my imaginary Christmas picture wardrobe shopping. Consisiting of this little sweater dress, from the GAP for Babykins.

This outfit for David. Who I am currently on a campaign to convince him to switch careers and take up modeling. Seriously. I think de'd be the perfect Eddie Bauer Model.

And this sweet pea green pea coat for me, from J. C. Crew. So deliciously green!

Then there was this pair of sheets that we ran into at Pottery Barn that I just totally fell for.

We took a stroll through Tiffany's to admire all the sparklies.
The ring below is my favorite Tiffany piece. The picture below the ring I like even better.

We had to stop in and smell at Illuminations and of course oooo and awww over these lovely bird I was going to say cages, but they are really more like cathedrals.

And by far the most fun we had was upon entering the Pottery Barn Kids Store, where Annabelle played with this

and this and all the other mini sized satisfied cutsomers running around the store.

We even had a little tea party.

The best part by far was the sharing of excellent company , converstations, and laughter. Who says you have to spend money to have fun?


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Oh we have a mall with all of those wonderful shops too. It is heaven to go there. Until I look in my wallet. Oh well, fun to window shop too! Glad you are all feeling better.

Fairlightday said...

What a lovely day you guys had! We don't have any of those stores at our mall, so it's a treat to see your pictures. So glad you took your camera! Annabelle is darling, as usual. :)

Your father said...

Poppy likes the way you hint for Christmas, so subtle. I can't wait to take my firstborn granddaughtery shopping someday, just her and I.....ooooh what fun!

Leslie said...

would those outfits not make the MOST adorable Christmas photo ever... I think so, well that and you guys and your cute selves... :) I went and bought Christmas outfits for all of us the card will be Nick and I's legs and Rylans outfit.. Go figure. I could have saved $50 bucks...

oh well :(
But love what your father said... so sweet.