Friday, November 09, 2007

{ Melt away the gloom }

The sickies have visited our house. Going on four days now. But I am begining to see through the coughing and aches and feverish foreheads that healthy days are soon to be again . The upside is that my normally unsnuggley girl has been doing a lot of snuggling in the last few days. Or in her own words, " snuggy, Mommy snuggy!" It's sad and pitiful and sweet! And right now she is somewhere inbetween feeling to weak to move from my lap and feeling well enough to run circles around the house, which means she is being a crab. Which makes me want to cry. Until this knock comes to my front door. It's the postman with a package. A unexpected package from this dear lady. She always seems to know when pick-me-up is needed. Bless your heart then, for blessing mine so much today. And and all those other days.

{ We opened the box to have these pretty contents spill out }

{ You should have heard me squeal because the wrapping was so pretty I could hardly bring myself to open them up. That lasted like 35 seconds. }

{ And look what was inside, stacks and stacks of the most marvelous spools of ribbon}

{ A pair of earrings I absolutely adore }

{ And all these other fabulous goodies, including the most darling little vintage tableclothe I have ever laid eyes on}

And yes, incase you are wondering, I most certainly do consider myself spoiled.


Leslie said...

2 posts from you in one day.. delifthfull as is the little fairlight.

SO lovely!
you guys feeling better. said...

Glad your fam is well again! What an absolutely beautiful package of delights!

Leslie said...

... feeling better?

Carrie said...

Glad you guys are on the mend!
What a sweet package of goodies!
God bless :)

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

What a wonderfu care package. Isn't life just made nicer by considerate people?