Monday, June 17, 2013

{ Only Grace }

{ Image borrowed from Naptime Diaries  }

 ( This last week we were asked by our pastor if we would write down the story of what God has been doing in our hearts since  RLM has become our home sweet home church and as humbling as it was for us we didn't hesitate to say yes, because God deserves all the glory for our anything good that ever has, is or will happen in our lives... )

  We are truly humbled and blessed by the opportunity to share with you how God is working in our lives.

   David and I just celebrated our tenth anniversary and we have four young children. They keep us on our toes. Usually they keep us on our toes, laughing. 
We see parenting as a great privilege and gift from God. That being said, our life these days is a whole lot of sticky, noisy and messy. Thankfully, Jesus is all about taking our mess, especially the mess in our hearts and turning it by the miracle of His grace into something beautiful. We both grew up in Christian families. And we both accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior at a young age. We grew up in the church, but over years of being in unhealthy churches we felt reluctant to get "too close" in a church, for fear of being hurt, so we tended to stay hidden on the “fringes.”  

  This past winter, after the birth of our fourth baby, we found ourselves in a dark place, feeling overwhelmed and isolated.  Stuck in survival mode, far from a place that felt like growth or freedom. Looking back now on that especially hard season, we see it as a storm of grace. It was exactly what we needed. God used that time of desperation to break us so we could begin to know and experience Him in a deeper, more intimate way. We are so thankful for the way He has interrupted our sleepy comfortable, lukewarm lives, as “ good American Christians “.

 We have asked Jesus to make us hungry for Him and to forgive us for living mostly selfish, self-absorbed lives. He is opening our eyes to how“ good things” can often be the enemy of what’s most important, that being:  making much of Jesus and His glory revealed in His Kingdom here. And He has used getting connected here at Real Life, in real relationships to do that. Since coming to Real Life, God has done a miracle in our hearts and has given us a fresh desire and love for His Word, His people and a new burden for those that don't know Him. We've encountered Jesus in a deeper way , and we've experienced what it means to truly be a disciple. God has used the people of this church body, who have taken the time and invested in loving and pointing us to Jesus, and who have encouraged us to take the next intentional step of obedience to become the man and woman the Lord is calling us to be.  And in that we are experiencing that there truly is no greater joy, than the joy of drawing close to him and loving and serving Jesus as a couple and a family.
 God has called me ( David ) to lead my family. I am here to serve, in whatever way I can, to step up and see where God will lead me, my family and this church as we learn to work diligently and love well. I want to see people delivered from whatever it is that keeps them from Jesus.
  We are so grateful that God uses ordinary people. Because we are just that. And we feel so humbled to join with the vision of RLM, to see this city experience the miracle of deliverance and freedom and life abundant that Jesus has poured into our hearts. 
One precious person at a time. 


Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

So beautiful, and definitely brought on the tears. God is doing such a similar work in Dave and I's lives. Its so good. It just opens your heart right up, and can be such a vulnerable, painful freeing lovely thing….

Leslie said...

I love you. A lot. This is precious and real and honest. He gets ALL your glory friend because you hand it back to him so beautifully.

A. Christine said...

Thank you for vulnerably sharing your hearts! I already thought you were amazing before this year came and went. It turns out, Jesus is shaping and molding you to be even MORE amazing, more like Him in the beauty of his tenderness and strength. Blessings to you, David and Chelle! I'm so happy to hear what God is doing in your lives. Much love.

shabby girl said...

How did I miss this back in June? Except that I've not been on Blogland so much.
However, what I find so wonderful about finding this post today is that Hubby and I have recently been going through some kind of scary times, and have turned to the Bible and Jesus' word. A first for us together, and we've been together for 17 years!
It's all in His timing, and I'm so grateful. I'm also so happy to hear that your family is also receiving His blessings!!!

shabby girl said...

Chelle, I so hope that you will post how your sweet little family is doing!
Three and a half years traveling in the motorhome has brought Hubby and I back to the humble spirit, reading the bible, and praying to God everyday.
Hoping your little family is sitting in His Graces!