Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy { pink } Party

And just like that our Lucy Wren girl turned two. My " ha-bee-bee " she calls it! And she was positively delighted with her very pink party.

  This is signature Lucy Wren, just turned two... with her very few words, her blonde bangs and hair pulled back into pig tails that stick straight out, pretty dresses and " bee-bops" (flip flops) every day... she spends the day playing with her dollies and being their momma. She would eat a giant steak but turn down a ice cream cone. She is known for her love of cheese. Especially cheese sticks. Once at our friends house she ate eight cheese sticks. Yes you read that right,  I said eight. She throws some pretty big tantrums but also has the best leg hugs and neck squeezes and loves to kiss us and tell us she loves us. She's affectionate and nurturing, most darling and loved by all. xo

Annabelle's Lucy List:

She always gets dirty
She always says " I'm the momma, I'm the momma"
She always takes good care of her baby dolls
She is really funny
Her favorite song is Jesus Loves Me
And she's good at finding things
She likes flowers, just like me
And she's scared of bugs
And she loves to do dress up
She really like her little sister Ruby and calls her baby Grace
And she always likes to play with me and Jack
Her favorite is color is pink
She always calls me Belle

Jack's  Lucy List -

She likes to jump
She likes to touch the computer
She likes to try on Mommy's shoes
She likes hitting you  ( but that's not very nice )
She's very funny 
She loves to throw balls
She says " pee-pee bad " when she has to go potty
She likes Tinkerbelle
She likes to drive her little tricycle
And she likes to be chased by me
And she likes to watch Leap Frog with me


Jenny said...

How can this BE!? Didn't I just take her for her first little dip in a swimming pool? Oh, Lucy Wren!

Prairie Rose said...

A Very Happy Birthday, Sweet Lucy Wren.
I cannot believe that you are two!
You are such a precious and darling little one.
Your adorable smile brightens my day.

Andrea said...

She is just *cute* as a button. And Jack and Annabelle's lists - what a great idea! I love how their personalities (and Lucy's) shine through :)

Nikki said...

THIS. This is the cutest--birthday party, girl, post--ever, I'm pretty sure. I cannot get over what a dolly Lucy is!! So perfectly impish. And can you style the rest of my parties {preferably my life as well}? Thanks. Love Jack and Annabelle's lists...and your bravery in hosting that many little and tiny people for a birthday party!

Leslie said...

oh the loveliness is too much. Chelle, she is pure sugar.... Love love love.

Karen said...

She's a cutie pa-tootie! Great job on the cake and decor. I love your style.

kt said...

Oh Chelle everything in this post is just devine. What a beautiful party, what a beautiful little girl - we can't wait to meet her!
love m+k

Carrie said...

Awwww what a darling PINK party! Looks like you put so much time and love into it!
She's so darling, can't wait to see you all again! =) And I just love, LOVE the idea of the siblings' lists! Totally fun and sweet and hilarious! =)

shabby girl said...

What a darling post! Happy Birthday, Lucy Wren!

Val said...

What an adorable girl! Happy birthday to her. :) (Sweet post too, Mama!)