Monday, May 20, 2013

{ the first one }

Nov.  15, 2002

Boy that I Love -

  I understand the love of God better than I ever have now that I am thanks to you, a recipient of the human counterpart. And grace, I feel so fully embraced by grace. That's what you make me feel, unconditional love + deep grace, my strong, quiet man.

  I am getting reports from reliable sources that you are turning into quite the conversationalist. :) I think you have been seeing too much of me. My talkiness is rubbing off on you. Scary thought. They say you have a perpetual smile. And oh that makes me happy because I love your smile more than any other smile in the whole entire world. I can see it 450 miles away. It brightens up any cloudy day, dark night or fearful thought. Because perfect love casts out fear. I have always wanted to experience a perfect love. Jesus love is perfect. And do you think David that just maybe sometimes He might us the love of a man and a woman to reveal that perfect love? I am full of wonder and joy over the possibility of that. 

You just keep holding onto Jesus honey...He's really all we need.

This is the first real love letter I have ever written. I always hoped that it would be to you.

Jesus, you are faithful and true in every way. Your love overwhelms me, Your mercy brings me to my knees, Your kindness humbles me.  Help us love you back like as you first loved us.

I love you so much that it makes this hyper girl calm. Figure that one out. 

Gladly Yours,

  And the rest, ten plus years later is history as we proclaim how good and faithful the Lord has been to bless us with each other and a beautiful marriage, plus four small and crazy beautiful people that call us Daddy and Mama and share our last name.That is nothing short of a gift and the work of His gracious heart! I type this with tears streaming down my face, humbled by His perfect faithfulness and grace as we seek to build our lives and home around Him, " rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving. " Colossions 2:7 
For He is love. Perfect. Amazing. Love.


Leslie said...

oh Chelle, I've missed your words like this. So very much. Your love for Jesus and David radiate so much of who you are. I love you friend A lot.

Anna said...

So beautiful. The day you and David married seems like only yesterday in so many ways! It is so beautiful to see the your love has only deepened since then. Happy Anniversary!

Jenny said...

Beautiful, Chelle. The Gospel on display.

Carrie said...

Everything you wrote was soooo beautiful, so deep, so lovely... no words can describe how blessed I am tonight reading what you wrote! Michelle, you're such a dear, such a radiant wife, and your marriage- you and David- are such an inspiration to me!!! Keep up the good work Chelle and I pray that God continues to shine so brightly through you both! Even in the dark times I see Him showing forth such a treasure in you and I know He is going to continue to use you in our lives! You're a lovely living testimony of His faithfulness, goodness, beauty, love!
Have a happy delightful year together! And keep up those darling, sweet love letters... they melt the heart =)
Love Carrie Jo