Monday, March 12, 2012

{ Recap }

Of February...because it was a really full and fun month for us here.
Obviously I was too preoccupied to blog, so I am going to play catch up now with a bunch of pictures posts that represent the month for us. Here's a little look at our happy heart festivities, topped off by this sweet and happy news of my very dear friend.

 { My first ever batch of sugar cookies }

 { sugar and sprinkles with friends }

  { baby feet }

{ homemade valentines }

 { pretty coffee from the Mr. }

 { pretty in pink }

 { happy baby sister to you! }


Nikki said...

LUCY'S CHUBBY CHUBBY FEET AND LEGS!!! I DIE!!! HOME and AWAY............. said...

I love the picture of Lucy's baby adorable! I also love seeing Andi and her pink balloons for a girl...what a happy day!