Monday, March 12, 2012

Feb 10 on 10

I took my ten pictures on the tenth last month but then never posted. Until today, that is.
It's the motivation I needed obviously, seeing I am already late for this months 10 on 10.

 1. breakfast smoothie
 2. daffodils in the window
 3. potty Training Jack
 4. practicing those steps
 5. afternoon lefreshment
 6. this pretty dish towel makes me so happy ( get your own here )
 7. baby baths in the kitchen sink are my favorite + as are those two bottom teeth of hers.
 8. new paper cutting project.
 9. waking up to balloons
10. working on birthday party decorations

ten on ten button


Andrea said...

Oooo - you have daffodils! Absolutely love your paper-cutting project - will there be any other projects making their way to your etsy shop? ;) And wow - look at Lucy go!

Nikki said...

Love Jackers in his big boy underwear...and Annabelle helping Lucy walk...and sink baths (gorgeous sink fixture, BTW!)...and that print...and all the rest of it. Love you friend.

Megan said...

Once upon a time I had some most beautiful daffodils that sat in my window... they came from you and I believe it was the month of February too!

Miss you.

Cottage Mommy said...

Oh, I always love your ten on tens...your photos just get more and more beautiful! I love that one of Lucy in the sink...just pure sweetness! Love and miss you friend!

~Sue said...

:) I especially love that dish towel and L's glee during her bath! HOME and AWAY............. said...

Lucy taking a bath in the sink is a wonderful shot! I love the splashing water and her expression!