Thursday, May 14, 2009

{ down pour }

The days are going by painfully fast.

Jack will be two entire weeks old tomorrow.

If only there was a button I could push that would allow the the days go by in slow motion.

He is already growing like a little weed, has a ferocious little appetite and weighed in the other night at 9 lbs 3 oz.

I was surprised and blessed beyond words by the little shower that a bunch of you dear blogging ladies threw for me. Can't begin to tell you how cared for and cherished all your precious words and amazing handmade gifts left us feeling. Gosh, but you ladies are good at loving.

Oh and we sold our house.

That was no small miracle let me tell you.

Signed on it last Friday, just minutes before we left out the door for David's brother's wedding in ID. which was beautiful, and wonderful and oh so amazing that we were able to be there.

The inspection was yesterday and everything checked out great.

We are going this afternoon to start our house hunt.

Our closing date is June 9 th, barely over three weeks from now.

Our heads are spinning and hearts are overwhelmed by God's unfailing faithfulness.

So much more to tell you but that will have to wait.

For now, just know that we are drenched in the love and goodness of God.

And even though we have no idea where all this is going, we are holding on for dear life to the only One who does. Praying each one of you are experiencing a similar down pour of grace in your beautiful lives.


Dawna said...

I can't begin to find words for the feeling I had in my heart when I opened your blog and saw that picture. So sweet, so much love and innocence, and those smiles... definitely a picture to treasure for a lifetime. Congratulations on selling your home. I know God has amazing plans for you and I can't wait to see where this adventure leads you. Blessings to you, my sweet friend, and lots of hugs too!

Cat said...

God + adventure + mystery = surprise! You just never know, do you? But you can always count on Him to provide for everything. My goodness, Chelle, what a lovely match the picture of your little ones looking at each other and loving. Congratulations!

Cottage Mommy said...

Such a sweet picture...congrats on selling your home! I wish you luck on your house search in this busy time of life! I hope you find one that is perfect for your family! said...

Congrats on the house! Oh goodness, I can't even imagine how busy your days must be...As if keeping up with all of those poopy diapers isn't enough! I am thinking of you often. So glad you're still finding time to savor each precious moment with Jack.

Shanna said...

So glad to hear your little man made it here safe and sound is tucked away in your home for everyone to enjoy and watch him grow! The pictures (all of them) are perfect and I'm just SO happy for your family of four! Congratulations, Chelle!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

My heart is just overflowing with joy for you Chelle! It is such a blessing to have a friend like you in my life, to witness you be so faithful in your exciting journey, only to have God work out his wonderful plan for you all! I am just so happy for you all and loving that sweet picture of your darling Jack and precious Annabelle, if they aren't the sweetest little beings ever!

Love you dear friend and so truly happy for all the exciting news!

Aminta said...

Oh so veryexcited here in Idaho! Just to be closer.......... and YOU.... and......well I had better not spoil your fun with my excitement.
I love you so Chelle, and that darling little Jack and beautiful spunky Annabelle and the steadfast (and I must mention BRAVE/Adventureous) Blonde hub's of yours (brother to mine, he-he)... you are all so precious to me.
I hope that you are getting amazing amounta of rest today and feeling much, much, much better today. I seriously do not know how you couldn't feel better today, with all of these people who love you praying so hard for you.
Rambling, rambling.
I love you so, precious, amazing, wonderful friend.

Lisa said...

I keep coming back hear just too look at that beautiful picture and re-read all about all of your happiness - so much happiness in this post....

thinking of you!

Fairlightday said...

God is so good, isn't it? I'm so excited for everything that has happened and everything that's going to happen. It's such an expectant time right now. I love you! Give Jacks and Anniebelle hugs and kisses from us. <3