Tuesday, August 19, 2008

{ the week in pictures }

Highlights of the week included: * Tuesday afternoon at the lake, Annabelle gets to play in the sand with Jesse and Mari and try out her new froggy float *twins staying three whole days and nights* Deb and I escaping for a outing, we shopped, went to Starbucks, bought stuff, marveled at how amazing David was to take on all three of the kids single handedly, had so much fun and didn't get home until after 11* picnic, and swim in the lake with the playground afterwards* the three of us adults then sat around the table by candle light, ate Klondike bars and talked the night away* packed and received box full of goodies from this dear friend * left for Boise* spent the night at David's cousins/best man/buddy's house and stayed up late telling stories* spent the morning chatting with his beautiful wife Carrie and catching up on our lives* drove the rest of the way to ID* attended friends wedding and reception* stayed up late playing Monopoly* Breakfast with Mike and Melody, compliments of Mike* Spending the morning together, the time went all to fast* long hot 9 hour drive home, one place we stopped we noticed that the temp was 110 degrees in the shade, thank you Lord for A.C.* so happy to be home, after unpacking and putting little girl to bed, we sat out on the back porch watching a lightning storm and eating corn on the cob* this morning so far we have done the dishes, cleaned house, played dress up, talked on the phone, sent emails read books and now she is down for her nap and I have some time on my hands...hmm...now if only I could decide on which project to concentrate on* so tell me, what are you up to this week?

{ my happy pot of zinnias on the back porch }

{ introducing Annabelle to play dough }

{ I traded a banner for this new vintage clutch from this lovely Etsian,
I love it so much and it matches my big purse perfectly }

{ talking on the phone to Auntie Roo }

{ Mari playing house }

{ Jesse washing dishes }

{ the girls in their matching stripes }

{ attack of the kisses }

{ cousins }

{ three twins }

{ this dear friend likes to play Auntie to Annabelle as she has no nieces of her own and sent us the sweetest package, complete with homemade cinnamon rolls and all sorts of things to spoil Annabelle, including the darling clip in her hair and the coloring book she is looking at, wasn't that kind of her? }

- Part two: Friends Wedding, Boise ID -

{ bride and groom, both David and I were
childhood friends with the beautiful bride and her family }

{ the bride was radiant}

{ the pretty lady in this picture is Melody, we were next door neighbors and very best friend growing up we spent the weekend with her precious little family }

{ And this is Noah, Melody's most precious and adorable baby boy. He is nine weeks old and couldn't be one ounce sweeter...we just fell in love with him, especially Annabelle }

{ Annabelle snitched one of the discarded flower wreaths from one of the little flowery girls and claimed it as her own...she looked like a fair princess with it on }

{ dancing with Uncle Marky }

{ Anna and I }

{ self portrait }

{ wildflowers we stopped to pick on our way home }


SuzyQ said...

fun pictures! i especially liked the one of melody, mike, and noah... cute!

this week i'm volunteering! it's pretty cool... trying to get into working with international students at the college. orientation on thursday will be the trial-by-fire! woot!

mudpies4all said...

What a fun and busy weekend you had. I'm so glad you have arrived home safely. Oh, and I adore the picture of Anniebelle wearing the flowergirl wreath, the one where she is looking right at the camera and has such a soft, sweet look on her face and I just want to pick her up and twirl her around and give her big hugs! Have a glorious week, Chelle, and thanks for sharing your week in pictures.

mudpies4all said...

PS- I'm noticing several bandaids in the pictures. Does Girlykins have ouches, or have we just discovered that we love bandaids? (Hope my "niece" is ok!)

chelle said...

the girlykins was eaten alive by a naughty band of misquitos that were trapped in her room one night...the bandaids are to keep her from scratching at them, that coupled with the fact that yes indeed she has found out that she loves bandaids...

Leslie said...

ohhh love all these pictures so so much and so sweet.

love the ones of Anabelle with her cousins.... and wow you guys do so so much, when fall hits, you will be happy to sit still for a moment... and then you will have all these fabulous memories!

AndiMae said...

Geesh! You guys had such a busy, busy week! I love all of the pictures- especially the ones of Annabelle with the flowers in her hair. And I still can't believe how many roadtrips you have pulled off this summer...seriously impressive. Oh, and of course I have to comment on the bandaid love- Audrey is not just in love, she is obsessed...which ones are Miss Annabelle's favorites? Audrey is partial to Dora, because they are purple, of course :)

P.S. Thank you so much for your prayers and support for Nie Nie and her family...even though I do not know her personally, I care so much and it helps to know that there are others out there praying as well!

PlantBuddy said...

Hi Chelle, just dropping by to say hello from Toronto, Canada. Love your photos. I also enjoy beautiful flowers. I volunteer at the garden centre to help in the gardens. Lots of fun.