Friday, February 29, 2008

{ A little list of Cheerfuls }

Just a tallying up some stuff I am loving this week.

  • getting to wear my red polka-dot wellies, hauling girlykins around in the the wheel barrow, listening to the birds sing away, spotting pussy willows and miniature daffodils in bloom. Planting a couple packages of seeds. Having a eager to help little girl as my shadow. Mommy is so pleased that she now knows what daffodils are.
  • when she asks to me to play with her, " ring-a-rosy."
  • loving the once every 10 seconds, all day long question, " what's Mama doing?" or " what's Daddy doing? " as she inquires about and soaks in absolutely every passing minute.
  • running across this lovely line of paper.
  • hearing her call to me from her crib " Mommy, knock, knock! " When she wakes up from her nap.
  • not having to cook dinner last night because David wanted to take us out, just because.
  • hearing David roar with laughter and then joining in myself after it sunk in what I had randomly blurted out, on the way home from said lovely dinner... something like " I need more nipples. " Of course I meant, for her bottles, because she chews the tops off of them. But it did sound shocking and hilarious having it come out like that.
  • finding this fabric and dreaming up all sorts of ways to use it in my dress for Anna's wedding.

  • and then of course the hunt for the perfect pattern. I like D, E or F of this one. And the short version of this one, and this one, which I totally adore, except I am not so sure about the fullness of the skirt.
  • we are oh so gradually starting to dabble in the fine art of pottie we've been doing a lot of " nakie" time, which she loves and I love because she is so unbelievably cute in her birthday suit...especially when she wears her lady bug boots with it. ;)

  • the fact that we get to spend the evening with David's Mom and little sister, and then tomorrow evening with our best friends, and then all of us having breakfast together on Sunday morning at Grannies. Can't wait.
  • oh and one last thing, this picture of Anniebelle playing dress up, her most beloved new found hobby.


Lisa said...

Oh I am loving all of these things too...
American Idol - a fav at out house, that you are going to make your dress for the wedding - I can only dream of such a thing, an adorable little girl all dressed - I want to play, and going out to dinner just because - we all deserve a night off!!!
Have a terrific weekend my friend...

chelle said...

oh Lisa, I wish I was making my own dress for the wedding, truth be told we are having our dresses made by someone else...but who knows maybe someday I will be able to sew a dress.

Melody said...

Hi Chelle!
I LOVE reading your blogs! They are so happy and cheerful...they make me feel whimsical and dreamy. :) Your pictures of Annabelle are TOO cute! I can't believe she is two.
You're going to have to give me lots of parenting advice. I know a lot about older kids, but absolutely nothing about babies.
Speaking of, we haven't found out for sure if it's a boy or a girl...the baby has been very obstinate about not moving for the ultrasounds. (I've had two.) However, the doctor said the first time that she thinks it's a boy.
Right after she said that, I read your blog, and I was sort of sad thinking about your cute little girl, and all the cute little girly things I won't be able to do if its a boy. However, I am getting used to the idea now, and I'm sure it will be fun no matter if its a boy or a girl. (Besides, Michael is so cute. He talks to the baby, and he is excited to play catch, etc. He will be a great dad!)
Anyway, I would really love to chat with you...I need your phone number again, though. It was written in dry erase on a whiteboard, but it fell and got erased.
You make me happy! I can't wait to talk some more!

SuzyQ said...

chelle: for what it's worth, i like the first dress pattern you're looking at! i think it would be pretty on you!

and wait - is that *my* melody? that we grew up with? if so, i most definitely need her contact info!

Fairlightday said...

Love the songs and paper! Adore the fabric and the 1st and 3rd patterns! Are you really going to use the fabric for your dresses? It's the most perfect thing EVER!
I hope you enjoy the weekend with family and dear friends. Wish we were there to join it. Love you!

Connie said...

...Seriously missing our little dress up queen!
A sad Nana ;-(

lulusparkles said...

I did not know you had another blog too!I will add you to my daily list. loving your playlist!

Leslie said...

oh Chelle. Love all of this.. all of it.. but most of all your little dress up girl..

Thanks for the music too... we loved that first one, both Nick and I.

Leslie said...

btw.. F looks like it has a spot on the straps and bottom for an alternate fabric, like that sweet little one you found.. :)

Little Candle said...

I love the paper! I really like the vinatge inspired dress from the fifties. The polka dots would be perfect. I just saw this morning a tutorial on how to make a petticoat to add fullness. To check it out go to
It's today's posting.
I also love that Annabelle loves to dress up. It was a favorite pass time of mine in my childhood. What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing.

Sarah :)

Amanda said...

i find that i want to come to your blog just to hear the delightful! loving all of the "cheerfuls"...especially the pic of annabelle playing dress of libs favorites too...only elizabeth likes to dress up in daddy's clothes, especially while we fold laundry!

Lisa said...

Chelle - you are wonderful! Thank you for your amazing words, as always... said...

Phew! I was needing this dose of positivity. You're always so full of sunshine, Chelle. Thank you!

Leslie said...

how are you girlies?

Leslie said...

missing your sweet words.. hope all is well and your just outside enjoying spring!