Tuesday, December 04, 2007

{ Mystery Solved }

Today she asked me for " snowman juice, peas! "

My response to her, " what in the world?" as I wracked my brain to think of what she meant by such a request.

Then tonight after dinner as I poured David a glass of eggnog, it occurred to me that there was a great big snow man unmistakably, covering the entire front of the carton. Ah-ha...now I get it.
And I doubt we'll ever refer to it as eggnog again.


Leslie said...

Oh so fun, and I really doubt you will ever call it anything again. Look at those gorgeous blue pouty eyes.

Fairlightday said...

What a lovely memory that will be. Give her a kiss for me, just for being so sweet. :)

have a lovely said...

Precious!!! What a sweet story that will change the way the family forever looks at egg nog!