Monday, November 26, 2007

Pictures we are NOT using on our Christmas Card

But it doesn't mean I don't love them.

Small Sidenote: I have always told David that I think Matt Damon looks like him. And then of course I add, " but he doesn't hold a candle to you babe." So I was in the grocery store yesterday when I saw that Matt Damon was named the sexiest man of the year. And I chuckled out loud, which of course earned me looks from the people behind me in line, as thought to myself,
" now isn't that fitting ! " :)

Another small side note: From Somewhere and someone in the last couple days Annabelle has picked up "mmm hmmm." She says it about everything. Really darling. As is everything else she says, with the small exception of, " NO" and " MINE."

Stay tuned. Christmas Cards are in the works. :)


Leslie said...

ours are in the works too.. but these pictures are ADORABLE. I love them. Love your coat, and you guys make such a very cute little family... :) So fun.

The quilt is well ... hmm no pattern really, gutsy huh. Its just simple squares of green's, blues, khaki's, florals, stripes, and polka dots. Its for my grandmother. We will see if I actually finish it. I certainly hope that I do. Im sure the one your making is really really lovely. No doubts about that.. :)
BTW.. have you gotten your magazine yet? They said 2-4 weeks..

Fairlightday said...

Chelle, every single one of those pictures belongs in your Christmas cards. :) You are all lovely, adorable, and so handsome. :) Can't wait to see you cards!
Love you always dear!