Thursday, November 29, 2007

{ 21 Months }

" This is my FAVORITE age. " Not that I haven't said that every month since she was born or anything. :)

Little girly-boo has been talking non-stop. Whole sentences. Chattering, as her daddy calls it. Just this morning she was sitting in her little red chair when she looked up at me and said, " I read the books." And after she was done with that she wanted to " write ABC's, Mommy," which entails a enthusiastic attempt to scribble on a piece of paper while reciting out-loud the 4 ABC's she can remember " ...A....B...C...X. "

She is obsessed with pockets right now. Her own, mine, a strangers in the grocery store. Unlike her mother, she is so observant. Walking through Target yesterday afternoon she points up towards the ceiling at a giant over sized stocking hanging above us and shouts," oh wow mommy. big sock! ".

Currently her favorite word is again which she pronounces as "gen."

Oh and get this, she asks to be tickled.

The other day I taught her to say, zip-i-dee-do-dah. And it comes out sounding so funny and cute. Also, she loves to add, too what ever she is saying...." Daddy _____ too?" or " Mommy _____ too?" For example in the car, she asks us to "pat" her leg when she is trying to settle down and go to sleep. So I reach back to pat her baby leg. And always she pipes up with a " Daddy pat...too? "

But as of yesterday my favorite is the dozens of times she asked for me to " sing please mommy... pum-pum. Gen!" She loves the "Little Drummer Boy." And I must have rum-pum-pum-pummed a thousand times yesterday, until I was practically hoarse. But it was so sweet to hear her randomly throw in an occasional mismatched " pum-pum,"and clap her little hands as I was singing to her. The days are going by so quickly. I want to make sure I treasure each and every one of them.

{ watching the cat play out in the front yard }


Leslie said...

ohhhh, I feel like I know her reading this. So very sweet, I can totally hear it in a sweet little girl voice. So Very fun Chelle, oh the things to look forward to. She is such a delight!!! Love the new banners on Etsy!! :)

Nana & Poppy said...

We are seriously missing this little girl and her chatter! :-( said...

such sweet blonde curls!