Sunday, February 15, 2015

{ the light makes my heart sing }

  One of my hopes and wishes for this year is to somehow pick up blogging again. I promised my dear friend the other night that I was going to post this. I have been a once a year blogger for the last several years now, partly because of the wonderful world of Instagram and partly because I have four children and we home school and I haven't made time for writing in this space. I often feel sad for the way I have neglected memory keeping in this way and I still feel unsure as to where to start in getting back into the habit of posting on my blog. But for now I am going to start with the most recent adventure off my camera roll. A family getaway to the coast.

 We made a spontaneous decision to go on a little family road trip across WA last month. When your husband works long hours, six days a week during the spring, summer and fall it leaves the winter for just such getaways. These pictures were taken during our stay at Seabrook, WA. my very favorite place in the PNW. Otherwise known as the closest thing I know to be like heaven on earth. xo

Watching father and son play soccer on the beach and hearing 
their laughter ripple through the breeze made my heart sing!

Lucy is my little mermaid, fairy princess with her blond wispy bangs who roamed the forest and beach, dreaming of all manner of beautiful girlish pretendings.

Sand in the toes.

 Beach explorations.

 My beautiful almost nine year old. With her curly locks and sweet, gentle smile. 

 A sunset walks on the beach.

Dancing. She's always dancing.

Catching the sun setting over the horizon. It was so exquisite, I cried. In awe of the beauty of the One who made all that we see and our very souls and loves more us more deeply than we could ever possibly imagine, ask or think.  xo

It feels good to be back in this space. 
Quite to my surprise, my fingers skipping lightly over the keys, feel at home again.


Misha said...

Happy to read this for so many reasons! Your words bring joy to this world.

Andrea said...

Breathtaking photos Chelle, totally dreamy and inspiring! So glad you all had a chance to enjoy so much beauty, it looks like one amazing place. :) xo

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Oh the beauty!!! So happy to see this in my feed. :)

Nikki Curnutt said...

So love glad to see you back here (from one once-a-year-blogger to another!). Seabrook is just dreamy. So is your little family.

Lisa said...

What beautiful, beautiful images, Chelle. I adore your sweet writing and am glad to see this here.

Anonymous said...

Chelle, you have a gift! I love the way you see things. xo

Connie said...

A beautiful slice of your life, dear daughter. You are so good with words and your photography really excels. I love you with all my heart! Mama said...

Love this so much Chelle! That fairy house is the stuff dreams are made of! So happy to see you posting. I wish I carved out more time for blogging too. Xo.

Megan said...

Chelle - I am so happy to see you've posted on your blog. Your pictures are AMAZING and you write so beautifully.

Prairie Rose said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family in a beautiful place.
Very much understand about the Hubby working 6-7 days a week and most all year around. So happy you all got to go have an adventure:)