Saturday, December 10, 2011

{ 10 on 10 December }

Highlight's of the day:

cream of rice with agave + cinnamon for breakfast/o.j.
brown paper packages, tied up with string
bright eyed Lucy, and her two cute teeth
many cups of hot tea
pretty cookies, made with love by dear friends
vintage Christmas packing
birthday soup( that's what we call it...otherwise known as Chicken Tortilla Soup )  made for me by this dear friend + my cozy new slippers, brought home along with a big stack of Christmas cards for me from Costco the view from my front porch looking in
drive thru nativity
Sleeping under the Christmas tree

Not pictured: 

the new back porch and steps my husband whipped out over the last 48 hours
yet another batch of almond roca, which deserves a post all of it's own
piles and piles of tissue 
Jack's face covered in blue food coloring. Did you know that you can scrub away at the nasty stuff with soap and hot water with hours or tooth paste will take it off nicely. 


☞ Monique said...


Sherrie said...

Great snapshots! Love view of the Christmas tree through the window. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

The Frat Pack + Me said...

These are all just lovely, but you really had me at your blog title!

Prairie Rose said...

Just stunning photos.
What this about Almond Roca??
My Mum makes Almond Roca every year for the holidays, I love it!
Its sounds like your home is full of blessing:)
Happy Holidays, friend.

Anwen said...

Lovely Christmassy photos, and the biscuits look delicious!

Leslie said...

oh Chelle, these photos, you have outdone yourself. Pure Stunning.

Mckenzie said...

i really love this entire set! my favorites are #2, #5 and #7. looks like such a great day!

Cottage Mommy said...

We really missed you yesterday but it looks like despite feeling icky you had a beautiful day! These photos are stunning! I want to live the beautiful life I see here...looks like a storybook!

P.S. love your new blog header!

Andrea said...

So Jack wanted to be a smurf for Christmas? ;) Glad you found something safe to take it off!

so very pretty and such sweet little ones :)

Kiki said...

Love all the different perspectives in your set!

~Sue said...

A delightful photo journey, Chelle

Anna said...

So beautiful... especially your little ones. Merry Christmas!

Deborah said...

Love it! Wish we were closer, so we could share it all with you dear ones.

brianne said...

Really gorgeous shots - i love all the vintage textures in your home.

hi-d said...

I just came across your sweet blog. Love your profile bio...and those pictures are so pretty. They take you right in and make you feel like you're at home.

Merry Christmas!