Monday, October 31, 2011

{ fall treasure hunt }

   I wanted to hurry and post up a little something fallish, before we leave on our big, big trip tomorrow morning. The kids and I are driving down to So. Cal and will be gone until the middle of Nov. Most people have called me crazy/nuts for taking three children under the age of five, by myself, driving 20+ hours in two days. One friend was sweet enough to say that I am a super woman. David and I have joked about that since then...We are pretty sure that was a typo and she meant to say stupid woman.
  We are positively giddy about getting to spend 10 whole days with these super dear friends and be there to celebrate her turning 30 years young. And then to have this sweet + lovely friend of ours join us for a few days and then get to road trip home together. This morning I am praying over all of it and checking off my list of road trip essentials: fun snacks, enough to feed a small army, a little stash of dollar store toys to hand out along the way, a ipod full of new to us recorded books, and stacks and stacks of books and movies and silly songs...Wish me luck! I am determined to make it as pleasant an experience as possible, because as Helen Keller said, " Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. "

In the meantime here is a peek at what we have been up to the last couple weeks. And a fall treasure hunt for you to go on, if you are feeling so inclined


Look For:

Acorn or other nuts
Animal hole in the ground
Animal tracks
Birds nest
Blade of grass
Clover leaf
Dead tree
Deer tracks
Dew on a flower or leaf
Hole in a tree
Evergreen tree
Leaves: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown
Pine cone
Pine needles
Pine tree
Seeds or seed pod
Spider web
Small pebble
Smooth and shiny rock
Stream or creek
Unusual shaped leaf

Listen to:

__ Leaves under your feet
__ Wind in the trees
__ Sound of a bee
__ Birds singing
__ Cricket
__ Water running in a creek
__ Noises in the woods

__Tree bark
__Prickly plant
__Wet mud
__Rotten wood
__Wind blowing on face
__Texture of various rocks

__Pine tree
__Green grass
__Fresh air
__Cedar tree


__Animals eating
__Leaf falling to the ground
__Spider web w/insect
__Ant moving something
__Wind blowing the leaves
__Fish jumping
__Clouds going by
__For something funny
__For something unusual
__Sunlight coming through trees
__Sunrise or sunset
__Stars in the sky
__Reflection in the water
__Trail markers
__Animal homes or shelters



Andrea said...

Beautiful photos! The one of Annabelle in the apple orchard is just breathtaking :)

Have a wonderful trip/adventure to Cali with your 3 little pumpkins! (I'm sure lots of books, songs and other driving activities will be in order!) You can do it :)

Anna said...

Lovely photos! Looks like you are all having a fun-filled fall season. You are amazing to take on such a trip, but I know you will be a tremendous blessing. Will be praying for long naps and good time made on your travels. I'm sad to miss seeing you this weekend, but hopefully we'll connect when you're back.

Amanda said...

Have so much fun! Soak in the company of those girls!

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Oh wow!! That is awesome.... and I applaud your bravery. :) Have so much fun with those wonderful ladies!! Can't wait to hear all about it + see pics!!

Cottage Mommy said...

Love seeing these photos, you are one talented picture taker lady! And you have gorgeous subjects! I'm going to miss you while you are gone but so excited for you too! Praying, praying!

Wahzat Gayle said...

Oh wow I applaud u! I would not be doing it... though I would be going on a plane real soon just me and my four so maybe who knows.
Good luck and enjoy your trip.
God Blessings :D
(the photos are awesome! Annabelle is getting so big. I remember when she was the same size as Lucy Wren. They grow so fast.)

Люцерна said...

Wonderful photos! And the things you write about your family are so sincere and loving.
Hope you enjoy your little adventure)

Prairie Rose said...

I was wondering if you could email me at
with your new address!?!?
I am sending out Christmas Cards soon;)
Hope all is well with you folks and are enjoying the up and coming holiday season!
I am excited for Christmas!!
Love to you all!