Sunday, April 17, 2011

{ Ours }

As every prayer prayed for us was so beautifully answered

Lucy Wren

Arrived ever so sweetly at home, on April 14th, at 6:40 am
8 lbs. 14 oz. + 21 inches long

The timing couldn't have been more precious as Jack + Annabelle woke up Thursday morning to her very first cries.

Annabelle is flying high, with a baby sister to hold, sing to and dote on. She climbed into bed with us this morning looking for Lucy with a sleepy: " Mom, we just adore her, don't we?!"

As you can see Jack is pretty tickled with her.
He calls her baby or just "whaaa.." for short.

Him with her.
Melts me hardcore.

She's really, really sweet and soft and she smells like heaven and at three days old we've hardly heard her cry. And when she does it's sounds more like a chirp.

We fight a little over who gets to hold her we soak up + drink in her newness and the pure miracle of love, of joy, of life. Of the gift that she is to us, straight from the heart of Jesus.


Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Chelle - this post is pure sweetness. I love how adoring your entire family is. What an immeasurable blessing! God is so, so good. Nothing reminds me of that more than a new little one. She is seriously beautiful! Enjoy... said...

this post is perfection!! i love her so much and can almost catch a whiff of her heavenly smell through my screen. what a precious doll.

so so happy for your newest blessing! love to you all!! xo

shabby girl said...

Perfect photos! She is beautiful, just like her older sister & brother!
Congratulations, and I pray that God surrounds your family with happy for a very long time!

Catherine said...

It really doesn't get any better, does it?! She is perfecty beautiful, as are the rest of you.

Anna said...

Every detail is just so sweet. Your family is so obviously in love and happy! I especially love the picture of Big Brother Jack! Little Sister is in good hands. Praise Jesus for such perfect timing. Love you

Cottage Mommy said...

Sigh. Sigh........sigh...sigh. Really love her. And your sweet family! She is the perfect addition to your little clan. You sure have captured some gorgeous photos of this precious time!

Andrea said...

Sooo beautiful - congratulations!!

Sherrie said...

She is so beautiful Chelle! Congrats!!!

Sherrie said...

Oh Chelle she is darling, just darling!! Congrats!!!!

Megan said...

Congrats to you and your beautiful family. Lucy is beautiful and I have seen some gorgeous pictures that the excited Uncle Nate has shared. Congrats again, I'm glad you all are well. Xo

Amanda said...

A big congratulations to you and your sweet family! She's gorgeous!

Amanda said...

It's so nice to hear a mama talk about how perfect her new baby is. Hoping and praying that God will continue to bless all your children!

Prairie Rose said...

My heart is so full of happiness for you and your adorable little family.
She is just precious.
And as Annabelle says so very "adored" indeed!
I love how giddy Jack is with her!!!
God Bless!

Leslie said...

how did I miss this....

but still super more than words happy... :)

and Susan called me today to declare that she might be the prettiest newborn we have ever ever seen.


Amanda said...

love this it. how sweet and amazing! welcome sweet, soft, chirping lucy!

Wahzat Gayle said...

Congratulations! She is soo precious.
Love her name Lucy Wren a sweet little bird.