Friday, February 18, 2011

{ Her to a t }

" Some people are so much sunshine to the square inch. "    - Walt Whitman

Happy last day to be four. 
Happy almost five years old. 
Happy you. For you find delight in all things great + small. Especially the small. 
Happy us. That you are ours. 
Happy all the way around.


Leslie said...

oh Chelle she is sunshine

this post shines of your heart for her.

HAPPY ALMOST 5 Little Ms. Anabelle... your a remarkable young lady.

Prairie Rose said...

Happy Birthday,Sweet Annabelle!
You are just a bundle of sugar and spice and sunshine and everything nice!
We are certainly lucky to have you in our lives:)

Cottage Mommy said...

Happy happy Birthday dear sweet girl! I hope this day is full of sunshine and fun, fun, fun! We love you!

Deborah said...

Happy that she's our third twin! We love you, Anniebelle Lucy!Hope your birthday is the greatest!!!
Hugs and Kisses,
Uncle Jerry, Auntie Deb, Jesse, Mari, and Lillian

The Woodards said...

Wow! I can't believe beautiful little Miss Anniebellies is 5! Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest little girls in the whole world. Wish we were there to share the raspberry cheesecake cupcakes. Those sound SOOO yummy!

Megan said...

Oh Ms Annabelle, You are so very big and beautiful! Very loved from all your family and I know your Uncle Nate has a very special place in his heart just for you! I miss you sweet girl and you are growing just like a weed. XoXo

Nikki said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Annabelle!! How well I remember her birth-day....can it really be five years ago? said...

can't believe your sharp little lady could be 5 already! 5 going on 25. she's so beautiful chelle!

shabby girl said...

Chelle, such a beautiful face on that child! I wish your family all good and sweet things!

Colleen said...

She is so beautiful!

Wahzat Gayle said...

Is she five years already? Wow time sure does fly!
Happy Happy Birthday sweet Annabelle.