Monday, May 31, 2010

{ F.C. Frenzy }

Farm Chicks is just a hop skip and a couple days away.
It's my first time. And I am really excited to go shopping with her + her , her and her. At her booth and her booth, before I look anywhere else. Hoping to bump into this lovely lady while wandering the blissful .
And really glad + excited and that this sweet friend is able to fly in with her suitcases spilling over with vintage crafting goodness.
 Also, David and I are delighted to be having dear friends of ours come from clear across the state to spend the weekend with us and attend this much talked about and anticipated event. While we girls are at the show, the men have plans to go out in the woods and do something he-manly while we girls enjoy scenes from the vintage/domestic enthusiasts heaven on earth. 
The following is a list of what I aim to have my eye out for at the show:1.)  A galvanized wash tub: especially since I already have the perfect little squish-able, toe-headed boy to sit on top of it...

2.)  Vintage drinking tumblers, covered in a bright primary print, or polka dots
3.)  A bright + cheerful solid colored pitcher
4.)  Various Frames to paint and chalk board
5.)  Assortment of plates + prints for the dining room
6.)  Whatever strikes my fancy (within budget of course )
6.)  Most of all I want to take home inspiration and DIY ideas galore.

I will end this post with you a picture, for your inspiration.
I am currently really in love with this color palette.

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Amanda said...

Oh, I am so jealous! I would love to go to Farm Chicks! Can't wait to see your finds-- have fun!

Cottage Mommy said...

Can't wait to see you at Farm Chicks and I have no doubt you will find what's on your list! There are treasures galore! said...

So sweet. I am sharing the giddyness!! Can't wait to see you soon!

Catherine said...

It sounds like a place I'd love to be!!! Maybe next year. Have a great time for all of us, and show us (on your blog) what you find.

Chantel Monet said...

Won't it be so much fun? I'll be a second pair of eyes for you in your quest for those lovely finds!

Amanda said...

I'm glad you're coming to the show! My mom and I are vendors. I'm sure you'll find everything on your list plus much much more!