Saturday, May 22, 2010

{ Settling In }

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Things are happening around here.

There is a picket fence being built in the back yard. And it's really lovely
We finalized on the exterior paint colors for the house. And we couldn't be happier with our pick.
The floor for my craft room is being installed as I type.It's a pretty fleshy pink marmolium with tiny black specks and silver sparkles in it. Reminds me of a worn out ballet slipper. Annabelle is enamored with it.
Next up, paint the craft room a soft, springy, vintagey green.

I am letting my self go ahead and think about decorating the rooms and walls of this gorgeous big old house.
Because it looks like we are going to be here for a little while at least.
Long enough too make it just a little more I am dreaming up some pretty finishing touches + projects. Here's a little wish list I have put together so far of prospective ideas and inspiration...

Wanting to maybe do something curtainish with this sweet little quilt bock in my craft room
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Loving this little color scheme...

Crushing on this pair of wellies from Target...and a pair for Anniebelles so we can match.
I like this Anthropologie Bedskirt

I Really want to frame this print and this print of hers.

Silhouettes for above the mantel.

Tutorial for the Anthropologie ruffled shower curtain.

Also, I am ready and motivated to re-stock my Etsy shop to try and earn money for these big-ticket items:

1.) a cordless drill ( because today is David's birthday )
2.) a sewing machine ( because so many of my projects can't be started without one 
3.) a bbq ( for you know who fathers day...shhh. )
4.) a camera, I have my sights set on a Canon Rebel right now. ( and it's killing me not to be able to take pictures of the kids and the house progress, and the  )
5.) a bicycle ( because we already have the perfect trailer to tow the kids behind in. )

  And I really, really want to plant a flowing red quince bush in my back yard. And I have visons of bright zinnias and pots overflowing with nasturtiums in our yard this summer. And oh I wish you could see/smell the purple lilac bush that is showing off in my back yard. You can smell it half a block away...and even on chilly days I can't help myself, I have to open my windows up, hoping we might just catch a waft of the bliss inducing perfume .

  Ambitious, I know.  It's just that  am still so blown away and inspired by this splendid old house. It's truly a dream to get to call this place home. And I am happy about and so thankful for the space and beauty for entertaining the house provides. In the coming months we hope to be throwing a Very Merry Unbirthday Party, a shower for this precious Mommy of a sweet baby boy to be, both of who I am, who we all are... quite taken with, and a House Warming Party once we are finished with the majority of the house and yard. Also, I am so excited I can hardly stand it, for the Farm Chicks Show, and the friends it will bring out.

  Annabelle just ran in to tell me that Daddy's  happy birthday movie is over. They were watching Popeye. It's really funny and cute to peek in on them watching cartoons together. It's time for our happy birthday to daddy marshmallow roast out in the back yard.  We discovered this week that they now make flavored marshmallows...and we have been looking forward ever since we put those two bags of fluffy goodness in out shopping basket,  to getting to try strawberry and carmel + vanilla flavored marshmallows. Care to join us?


Connie said...

Your number 2 wish is granted. :-) Tonight I searched for and found the Viking sewing machine I told you I bought at a yard sale a couple years ago. I had never used it, so gave it a test drive and WOW...such a quiet and smooth sewing experience. It is as nice as my Bernina!
Viking is made in Sweden and is a quality machine, not a cheapie.
It is all yours...with love from your Mama.

Catherine said...

What sweet wishes you have for your man, your family and yourself. The thought of decorating makes me drool with anticipation. Those same kind of creative juices flow here at my house. And...your Mom handing over the 2nd wish! How nice is that?

Leslie said...

oh Chelle... your moms comment just makes me smile.. a machine.. is a totally answered prayer for you!!!

and ohhh all this other lovely-ness.. how sweet is that??

love this post... a lot a lot.
and yes we will be right over.

Deborah said...

Flavored,huh? Well the big rage around here are huge marshmallows about the size of a (small)tennis ball! That makes for one giant smore! We'll have to get together and swap sometime soon.
We love you,Jesse and Mari said...

HBD David! I'm so glad to hear everything's coming together so nicely. And that anthro shower curtain tutorial is a gem. I am bookmarking it forever.

I am dying to see your restoration beauty of a house. Any chance I could sweet talk you into a tour when I'm in town??

Jenny said...

How fun to take a peek at all the things that inspire you--you inspire ME!

Wahzat Gayle said...

So excited that you got a sewing machine from your Mum :) smiling for you.

I love marshmallows so yes I'll join :)

Fairlightday said...

Love the list and I'm so happy you'll be in your amazing home a little while longer. And Chelle, those prints are only $9!!! $9!!! So adding them to my wish list.
Stock your etsy shop dear, you and me, we've got a few things to buy. :) Our lists are (not)surprisingly similar. lol
And Chelle, your getting a new vintage sewing machine! Yay! Can't wait to see what you make with it in your new darling craft room.