Friday, July 24, 2009

Hook. Line. And Sinker.

Oh my.
I don't even have the words to tell you just how hard I have fallen for this baby.
This is the look he gives me all day long.
{ Jack smiling his famous good morning Mommy smiles }

And it melts me.
Every. Single. Time.
Like. Nothing. Else

Can I just say that looks like his handsome Daddy, even though we can't quite put our finger on what it is exactly it is about him that does, especially when he has so many of my features ( chin, mouth, shape of eyes, etc. ) And I pray, oh I pray for him to grow up and have a heart like his Daddy. A Jesus loving heart. A heart that is strong and good. A heart that loves well. And the best ever grin.

{ he's a jolly good baby }
So far he has picked up these endearingly nick-names: Jack-Jack and Jacks and baby lover-boy, by Mommy mostly. Annabelle calls him baby brother and Wiggle Worm and all sorts of different things, most of them silly made up words, never the same thing twice, spoken in her own personal secret language. Daddy always asks, hows the little fellow, or refers to him as my buddy?
{ Jack, 1 month old }
He's growing faster than the weeds in our backyard. Tipping the scale at just under 14 lbs. And he's squishy and chunky and strong but not fat, just built. He seems tall to me. At least he is compared to Annabelle who was always more petite.
{this picture was taken in the middle of packing up our bedroom, around 5 weeks old }
He's quick to smile. And smile and smile... and he loves to talk. Loves to be sung. He laughed for the first time over the 4th of July weekend, while Anniebelle and I were singing this song " Oh the Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord, for giving me the things I need, the sun and the rain and the apple seed...the Lord is good to me..." in the car. He thought it was hilarious. Ever since then when he tries to laugh it gets caught in his throat with a " hhhheeeeeep" and he ends up with the hiccups.

{ This is his bewildered look, we get that a if he was saying, you guys are cuckoo.
Guilty as charged. }

The poor little guy has struggled with severe cases of the following:
baby acne
cradle cap ( the worst I have ever seen)
heat rash
Hates riding in the car
(he screams...eyes wide open, how could you do this to me sort of screams )
gets the saddest tummy ache attacks ( i.e. colic )
and appears to be teething
everything babies are prone to get
you name it, he's got it.
If any of you Moms know of any miracle cures out there for any or all of these things,
please do speak up.
But he sleeps like a dream at night. He loves his bed and from about 11 p.m. - 5:30 a.m.
We literally do not hear a peep.
So far.
We know better than to think it will always be this way.
If there is one thing, the wild world over that is subject to change,
it is a baby's sleeping patterns.
But for now I enjoying getting to be one of those terribly spoiled Mommy's
who gets plenty of sleep at night.

Annabelle has a hard time containing herself over him.
She the kind of personality that has to have her hands all over you...and squeals very loudly and
jumps up and down as a means of showing her affection. She is very enthusiastic in her loving. She actually shakes with giddiness over her brother. I don't blame her either. I know how she feels. And it's so sweet. Until of course he gets overwhelmed by her very animated attention and needs a break, poor baby. We are working with her on being gentle and quiet with him and trying to teach her how to be a little mother. But you can see it in her eyes, she loves him so much, she could just squeeze him. Which is why, bless her heart, we watch her every move.

{ Annabelle and Jack with and the line-up of friends we
were so blessed with, by some of you dear ones}

Oh and his hair turned red. I am still scratching my head over how that happened. But I love it.
And yes he really is as cheerful in real life as these pictures portray.

{ I adore him in the little Kangaroo outfit that the gorgeous KT made for him }

He is one bright eyed, wide eyed, alert, perky little boy. He has been since day one. Oh and his kisses are amazing...he loves to open his mouth wide when he knows a kiss is coming. Also, I love how his head bobs back and forth as he takes it all in from his perch in the baby bjorn, which he loves to ride in.
My darling baby son,
I cannot wait to watch the coming months and years unfold for you...and see you grow and discover and become...for now just know, you are your Mommy, Daddy's and Sister's absolute delight.
Kiss, kiss baby lover boy!
All my love always,


Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

I can understand completely how you have become so very smitten with little Jack. :) Those pictures of his smiles are incredible - and I'm sure don't even come close to capturing all of his sweetness.

What beauty! Thanks so much for sharing him... :)

Cat said...

Oh, Chelle, thank you, thank you! I've missed seeing him...ever, so now I feel caught up...caught up in the love you have for him. You are SUCH a good mom!

Dawna said...

Be still my heart! This is seriously the sweetest post ever, Chelle. Your family is beautiful, and I appreciate how you trust us with the tenderness of your mommy-heart. You are a dear, sweet lady!!! Please give those sweet babies a big hug for me. <3

Deborah said...

It's hard to take your eyes off that little face! He just captures your attention. (You'd better keep your eye on me next time I see him, I think I know how Anniebelles feels!)

Chelle said...

Auntie Debs- Absolutetly, under no circumstanes will biting or anything of the sort be allowed! ;)

Leslie said...

I have total tears in my eyes, with how much I miss this baby boy whom I have never met, and how much I want to hold him, and kiss him up...
this post is seriously such a true reflection of how sweet, and loving your family is... and can't wait to see it with the 4 of you, and that picture of him in the Kanga outfit, is a total sweetie pie face for sure....

love love love this. so very much.

Leslie said...

btw did you get a new carseat yet?
try it.. stopped the car crying for us for sure...

Connie said...

What a little ham...I love his smile! Sweet pic with him holding his head up so high, and the ones with Annabelle and all her toy friends. I just found 'Mr. Socks' in the truck yesterday...has she missed him?

kt mac said...

I can totally understand just how you have fallen SO badly!! He is so sweet & so is Annabelle with him.

of course I love the kanga overalls pictures and the sock friend pictures so much :D

Like I said the other day, so happy to have you back & blogging - we missed you so!

Anonymous said...

Dear Chelle,
How I enjoyed seeing and reading
about little Jack. I'd love to have a copy of the second to the last picture(black and white) of him on his tummy on the bed, looking so bright-eyed. My refrigerator doesn't have a picture
of Jack yet! I can't wait to baby-
sit Annabelle and Jack Thursday
evening with Aunt Lynne...Mormor

Lisa said...

He is too incredibly precious for words; you guys have been soooo blessed with both of your beautiful children! I'm so looking forward to hearing video one day of that wonderful laugh!

Chantel Monet said...
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Chantel Monet said...

Thank you for letting us in to see the joy that resides in your home! You have two absolutely wonderful babies. They are both SO charming! Seeing this makes me ache for my own. How lucky you all are to have one another! I hope you find a way to record every moment, because they are certainly growing like weeds, or flowers rather!
X's and O's

Cottage Mommy said...

What a sweet, sweet post Chelle! Jack is a little doll and I feel like I can so relate to everything you say as I watch Quinn hit the same milestones at the same time! I love the picture of him on his tummy - my what neck strength! I can't wait to meet you in real life and see those two cute boys side by side!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Oh, Chelle Dear, what a delightfully adorable little guy you have on your cute!! I wish I could snuggle him right up in my arms! I wanted to tell you that I thought the same thing with Ryder about his cradle cap. It was the worst I had ever seen! My mother in-law and I would try and try getting rid of it, we would put a little oil in his hair and comp it gently did help but we had to do it often cause his poor scalp was so dry!!
Also, on the post below, I just want you to know how beautiful i think you are inside and out, if there were anyone full of the fuits of the spirit, I would think ofyou instantly dear lady!
Love you so much! Big x's and o's for baby Jack Jack and Annabelles :)

have a lovely said...

oh such cuteness! he is growing so very fast! what a precious post about a little man that has taken over your heart! i can't wait to meet and learn more about mine! got a redhead!??!?! so many of my friends have redheaded littles...wonder if i'll be able to join the club?! love seeing that life is smiling brightly in your new corner of the world!!

SuzyQ said...

He has the *happiest* smile! Goodness! And I kind of think he looks like your brother... Something in that smile reminds me. Maybe it's just me, tho.

As far as his poor skin issues, the Mongoose is extremely sensitive, too. We generally use all the recommended stuff like Dreft and an Aveeno baby body wash. But my favorite find so far has been Aquaphor (made by Eucerin). It's a very simple lotion that's good for all those little "itches". Ask your pediatrician, of course. But hey, for what it's worth... It's available at any drugstore. I hope those things clear up quickly as he grows! I hate to see a Small One in such itchy-fits...

A. Christine said...

What a handsome little man!!! What a blessing to have such a happy baby! It's no wonder he is so happy, with such a loving mother and daddy! :) So glad you are thoroughly enjoying mommyhood! I hope I can meet Mr. Jack sometime!

Little Candle said...

Oh my! What sweetness you captured in your pictures...your cheeks must hurt from smiling at you sweet ones all day long! Hugs to you sweet friend!