Thursday, July 02, 2009

{ Fun things to do at Poppy and Nana's House }

For instantce, you could climb the ladder with Poppy to pick cherries out of tree.
Sample Cherries.
Help Poppy pop out the pits with the cherry pitting machine.
Eat cherries till your face turns purple.

Or you could spend hour after delightful hour playing dress up
and pretend with your cousin. The two of you girls had so much
fun together are a very sweet and at times rather dramatic twosome.

You could enjoy the sights and sounds of Nana's bird house village, as the swallows and wrens swoop and sing, and the humming birds zip back and forth and butterflies gracefully flit from one pretty petal to another.

Or you could gobble up handful after handful of Nana's better than candy, sugar snap peas.

You could not quite resist the temptation to pick and bring pretty flowers to Mommy. Every 3 minutes.
You could go to town with poppy and get a popsicle and a lollipop all in the same outing.

You could jump on the trampoline and squeal with glee while Poppy sprays you with the hose.

You could be graced with the honor of getting to taste the very first cherry tomato of the summer.

You could help Mommy help Nana plant a border of cosmos.
You could sit on Nana's lap and let her read the books to you that she used to read to your Mommy and your Uncle Nate when they were your age.
You could come inside and watch Mr. Rogers on T.V. during the afternoon, instead of having "nap time"

You could spend time together with me in the attic bedroom, the one I used to call my own, thw one with the walls that are covered with pink roses and blue swirly ribbons, pouring over the trinkets and treasures of my childhood.
You could miss your Daddy and ask a dozen times a day when he was coming to see us.

You could watch as Nana helps your Mommy sew you your very first piece of clothing, a red and white polka-dot skirt, with blue ric rac, for the 4th of July.
You could consume the half a dozen lemonade popsicles that Nana made just for you.

You could run around all day in nothing but your swim-suit. Or just nothing.

You could participate in all the flirting sessions one has when one has ones very own irresistibly cute, smiley faced baby brother.

You could smile and laugh and giggle as you run around the yard in bare feet and golden curly pig tails and be a pure delight those around you. How I love getting to relive these wonder filled, care-free summer days through the sparkling eyes of a three year old. As my Dad turns to me and says with feeling, " and just a few short years ago, that was you."


~beautyandjoy~ said...

This made me cry! She is all cuteness and love.

Leslie said...

how did I miss this.... its so lovely.

kt mac said...

aaaw what a sweet time it looks like she had with your family... those berries looks so amazing!

ps. I can totally see a little of you in both your parents :)

also.. did u say *gasp* u are back online???!! I hope so. you've been SO missed! infact I thought I should try and call you sometime this week.. yes?! :)

Cat said...

So glad you are back, and with such precious pictures of your mother whom I love and will see today! As your dad says, "She is the prettiest flower in her garden!"

shabby girl said...

Very sweet post!

Deborah said...

Just plain dear!My memories of time spent with Gramps and Gram are some of my best remembered and most treasured.....

Dawna said...

Heaven! What a precious time you all had together... thanks for sharing. Love you, dear friend.