Tuesday, April 14, 2009

{ a little bit big }

The fact that our sweet little Jack is anticipated to arrival any day now, ( and if not any day, then any week )...just has me desperate to get this half finished post published before the days slip through my finger tips and our family is changed forever with this brand new fresh from the Lord, baby boy love...

I have had a lot of nostalgic, reflective moments in the last couple weeks where I look at Annabelle and think of how our time together, being just the three of us is winding down...I get all teared up the other day thinking of it...it was a sweet, sweet sort of sadness and realization of how fast time has gone by since the day she was born. She caught me smiling at her in the rear view mirror, through my tears and responded with this precious little question " Mommy, are you mine?" After which I really proceeded to lose it and bawled so hard I could hardly see to drive. Which then turned into an explanation of why mommies sometimes cry when were happy...

So now I am just going to jot down a series of things she's said and done in the last few weeks that I have particularly cherished...

Her quoting from Beatrix Potter's the Tale of Peter Rabbit...she totally mumbles but it's still so, so cute!

Her refusing to let us call her a " little girl." Oh it's so not allowed. She is most adamantly, beyond the shadow of all doubt, a "big girl." Or as she heart-meltingly tells David and I, she's...
" a little bit big."

Or in bed at night when she wants an extra snuggle, and she asks..." mommy can you help me hold my hand?"

Or the other day when she didn't want to stay in her room for quiet time....

Annabelle: " but mommy I am scared of my room"

Mommy: " why?"

Annabelle: " because it's messy"

This song that we've been loving...all three of us sing it at the top of our lungs together in the car...it's Anniebelle's favorite and oh so appropriate for us right now.

Her telling my dear friend the other night, when they were here as she beamed at her from ear to ear " this is how a smile goes."

Or her lifting up my shirt to kiss Jack good night and exclaiming horrified..." Oh no Mommy Jack put " scratches" on you, " referring to my stretch marks. Then yesterday she came to me with two cookie monster band aides which of course had go on my "scratches."

And so many, many other dear and funny little things every day, that just give my heart a squeeze. I hope to keep adding to this list for the rest of our pre-Jack days...but goodness are we ever getting ready/excited for him to show up and rock our world for the better.

( the rose is from a very special man in Annabelle's life who's name is Mike, and who is the very lucky fiance of one of my dearest ever since childhood friends )


kt mac said...

aaaw shes too cute!

This is so awesome that you are collecting all these funny little saying so you can always remember them. My particular favourite... "this is how a smile goes"
too funny!

You are so very gorgeous Anniebelle!!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Chelle - what a heart warming post! These little things, these things that they say which touch us so, are my favorites. I love these kinds of posts, because it reminds me to cherish all of the things that my little ones (or little bit big ones) say.

I keep checking in for word on Jacks arrival. :) I'm praying and anticipating with you.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Lilla is sitting on my lap asking who Annabelle is and how she got that rose. So cute!

I've never heard that song before, it is beautiful!

The way you are feeling is so similiar to the way I felt as our days drew to an end of being a "family of three" as well. It was bittersweet as I knew those days of cuddling and just the peanut and I were ending. My love has surely grown now though as I can't imagine a moment without my precious Anna now.

Truth be known though, I still enjoy some secret cuddles between Lilla and I when she wakes up early, crawls in bed with me and the loving flows.

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Oh Chelle!! If Annabelle isn't the sweetest "big girl" ever! This is such a priceless age, where everything they say and do, you just want to bottle up and keep forever. I know this must be a bitter sweet time for you as you grow into a family of four. I found myself constantly reminiscing of moments shared with just Benji, Noah and I and how it would never be the same again...but amazed at the joy that another child could bring to our lives, and now I can not even imagine him not being apart of our family! I know the day is coming so soon for you three and I am so excited for you!! Praying that everything is in God's hands, and that baby Jake arrives safe and sound!
Loves to your family from ours!!

Aunt Tea said...

so much cuteness.isn't it so sweet that after you describe it...it feels like you really didn't and couldn't?

love and blessings to you and yours.

Deborah said...

Jesse asked me the other day as we snuggled, "Mommy, are you sad that I'm a big boy now?" I had to admit that I was a little sad, but very proud of the nice big boy that he is!

Deborah said...

I'm back after listening to the song. I would love to be a mouse in the corner to hear three of my favorite people singing that at the top of their lungs!!! It's the cutest song ever!

Lisa said...

Oh goodness. Now I'm getting anxious for precious Jack to come too. What a gem you have in your little-big girl. I can't wait to hear how big sister-ing goes for her!!