Thursday, December 18, 2008

{ Highlights: of the Merry Sort }

{ Can I just say that watching the two of them, as David pulls Annabelle around town on our old radio flyer runner sled, out in the snow together has seriously got to be one of if not the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. }

{ showing off her oh so cute mouse cookie, at the Nutcracker }

{ pointing out the ornament Daddy bought for her last Christmas }

{ here is the view from our couch
in the evening glow of our Christmas tree,
where we've been known to sneak in a snuggle or two }


Cottage Mommy said...

Love the sled, love the twinkling Christmas tree! So pretty! Did you get hit good with the snow too! We were housebound yesterday...had to talk my hubby from going to work because everything was closed! We got more snow here in twenty four hours than we ever have since they started counting back in 1890 something! I have to venture out today to buy groceries and search for snow boots that I'm sure are sold out for the kids. Sorry for the long post..sorry I missed the chat last night on DB, for some reason my dates are confused and I thought I'd already missed it!

Leslie said...

love the sled.
love anniebelles coat.
love the snuggle spot.
and most of all.. love you.

enjoy your family this week Chelle.

SuzyQ said...

annabelle is getting so BIG! that's what struck me about these pictures, besides the obvious cuteness, of course. we, too, have snow, and as much as i hate winter, i have to admit this snow is gloriously pretty! how was the nutcracker? annabelle looks adorable in her blue coat...

Aunt Tea said...

how do you stand so much adorable-ness? Ü

found this site today and thought you might like:

Aunt Tea said...

scroll half way down the page and look at these candle holders, aren't they cool?

mudpies4all said...

The robin's egg blue coat, the single curl falling over Annabelle's forhead, the sweet smile... I just want to scoop that girl up and cover her with hugs and kisses! Was the Nutcracker positively glorious? And how is my favorite Mommy feeling? Loves to you all!

Secondstreetdesigns said...

So cute. ALL of it. I love your red door too.

kt mac said...

So great to see pictures again and all so gorgeous!

Your house is so cute, and even cosier with all that snow around it and it's warm welcoming little front door.

and love the cute little one and the cute big one playing in the snow together too :)