Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Give-Away!

So I was so excited to tell you all that today is my birthday. Except that someone beat me too it. I feel like there has been a behind the scenes birthday conspiracy around here. Thank you ladies all for your sweet birthday wishes and posts and packages and love. You have made my day a dozen times over. I am so touched and blessed by each and every loving one of you.

And since it's my birthday and I can I have been planning a little birthday give-away. I remember going to a birthday luncheon once where the birthday girl gave all the guests presents and I loved that idea and told myself that one day I would do the same...what fun to not only receive but give presents away on ones birthday!!! That is what I want to do today.

So leave your me a comment here... And answer these two questions...

(1. tea or coffee?

(2. milk or dark chocolate?

And check back in a little later to find out more. I have multiple birthday gifts that I am so excited to get to share with you and you and you!


Fairlightday said...

1. tea
2. dark
but then, you already knew. :)
Can't wait to check back later!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

So glad that you are having such a good day Chelle :D

1. coffee :)
2. chocolate :)

nothing goes better than the two if you ask me :P

have a lovely said...

oh dear sweetest chelle! happy happy happy birthday!!!! i hope your day is so very full of all the cheerfulness you share!!!

1. either
2. milk

Lisa said...

oh, I love a good give away!!!
coffee - dark

a very happy day to you...

mama b said...

how fun! tea and milk chocolate. :) yummm.

AndiMae said...

Yay! Happy Birthday, dear friend! I tried calling you a bit ago- I think I will try again later! Your phone is probably ringing off the hook today :) I hope that you have the loveliest of days! I love you!

P.S. And you know how much I would love to be entered into your little giveaway! My answers are: tea + chocolate of any shape or kind...

Aminta said...

mmmm.....sounds yummy!
Well, you know this, but, Ilove coffee and milk chocolate.
But I have to say, I love you more. So do you think that maybe if I won one of your give aways (which would not be very fair-lol) it could be a day of me and you and maybe a little girlie too? ;)
Loves to you on YOUR birthday!!!
XO Aminta

Vonnie said...

Happy Birthday Chelle! I have to admit to lurking here often...I do enjoy your blog and your love of God, family, and life! 1. tea 2.milk

I hope you have a great rest of your special day- God's greatest blessings to you- Vonnie

krista said...

Happy Birthday!!!

1. tea (unsweetened)
2. dark

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

It sounds like you are having one awesome birthday, how extra special!

Here are my answers:
1. Tea-when I lived in Seattle I used to love to go to the pike place market, there was this huge tea place there that was incredible. Oh, I miss that!

2. Milk chocolate every time...oh, I'd like some right now...

Happy Birthday to you!

kt mac said...

aaaw Happy birthday Chelle!

Wishing I knew so I could of posted up too. How sweet were all the girls to put together all those posts for you - so beautiful! It just shows what an impact you have on this little blogging community :)

I hope you had/are having the sweetest day full of love from your family and a dozen or so polka dots! Thanks for being so inspiring, so beautiful, so giving (even on your birthday!)

I'm hoping your little something will show up in the post real soon :)

love you

ps. Tea and milk chocolate

swell.life said...

Oh happy birthday again, Chelle! Only you would be so sweet to give bday gifts to others on your own day!!

Definitely tea. Definitely milk chocolate.

Aunt Tea said...

tea AND coffee.

DARK but under 60% dark Ü

(do you check your seachelle mail?)

my firstborn turned 23 today. all four kids born in oct.

kt mac said...

ps. There should be something fun in your inbox/junk box :)

Connie said...

1. HERB tea
2. The Darkest of Dark Chocolate

Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter! Your package is one the way and will be there in a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

1. tea
2. milk

So glad you had a great birthday sweet lady:)

Cottage Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Chelle! I hope you have a fun day with lots of surprises! You didn't tell us how young you are?

1. coffee with lots of cream
2. Dark..mmmmm...

Karin said...

1. coffee
2. milk

Happy Birthday!!

shawn said...

Happy Birthday!

Ace said...

Hey Chelle, it's been a while. Happy Birthday! I stopped by Jacy's site and saw it was your birthday. Your little Annabelle is getting so big!
Many Blessings to you on your birthday, oh and:
1. tea
2. dark


Secondstreetdesigns said...

Giveaway's are fun! Coffee/Dark.
And happy birthday.

Amanda said...

1. coffee
2. milk

oh chelle...the happiest of birthday wishes to you. how sweet your spirit is...how encouraging you are...how you allow God to work thruogh your life to bless others. we are all blessed by you.

mudpies4all said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Chelle! Love you, dear friend, and hoping you have had the best birthday EVER!
XOXO, Dawna
(PS- tea and dark chocolate)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chelle! Hope your day was as sweet as you are! And thanks for all the sweet comments you've left on my blog.

Lisa said...

Are you feeling all this love, Chelle?! I hope you realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus has truly used your sweet and genuinely loving disposition to bless ALL of us. It's such a privilege to know you! Bless you, bless you, bless you ... and Happy Birthday!

MamáChanga said...

Awww, Chelle what a sweetie you are! Happy Birthday to you, may you be blessed with many, many more in the sweet company of your loved ones!

As for the answers...
1. tea--iced or hot no sugar and lots of lemon---unless its cinnamon, then sugar and milk (coffee YUCK!)

2. DARK---definitely!

Marie said...

1. neither
2. milk

I have been a long time fan of your blog and am coming out of the woodwork today to say hello and a very Happy Birthday to you. I often just park on your page and listen to your play list while I am working. It's so lovely and I think you have a beautiful little family there.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

This is so characteristic of you...doing a give away on YOUR birthday. :)
I hope the day was really very special. :)
AS for my preferances ~ coffee and milk chocolate - mmmmm!! :)

Liz said...

Hello. I'm pretty sure this is my first comment on your blog and I wanted to come out of hiding to say Happy Birthday! I hope its a day of simple pleasures and happy surprises.

1. coffee
2. dark

Christina said...

Happy Birthday!

Coffee in the morning
Tea in the afternoon

and by all means, dark chocolate.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love that B is for Baby book, checked it out at the library.

OK, you got me...

milk chocolate

Skamamama said...

your blog is adorable!
I'm glad I happened upon it today.

1. coffee
2. dark

hope you had a happy birthday!