Tuesday, July 29, 2008

{ So Suddenly }

-She can and does unbuckle her own car seat.

- She is saying " I can't." Even though I have outlawed that phrase in my house.

-She is also talks to me from her crib when she should be sleeping, but then she says things like this and it instantly redeems her for not being asleep:

Girlykins- " Mommy, knock knock!
( At first I pretend to ignore her )
Girlykins- " Hey Mommy?"
Mommy- " Yes?"
Girlykins- " I love Daddy. "
Mommy, sounding all choked up " I love Daddy too."
Girlkins- " Yes, me too Mommy."

-She runs everywhere she goes but it's more like this half skip, tippy-toed floating movement that is just so darling. And her then there are her curls. They bounce along cheerfully behind her the sight of which delights me many times a day.

- She is asking a million questions. " Mommy what's that thing called???" or, " Mommy what's that girl (durl) doing?" Or " Mommy we are we going to get a baby sister?"

- Which reminds me of how she tells us that she has a baby in her tummy, even though we've have explained very thoroughly to her that isn't the way it works.

- If anyone calls her a baby she right away corrects you and says: "My not a baby, my a big durl."

- The other night we asked if she wanted to pray and she said " Hi Jesus. You are my nice friend." Melts my heart like nothing else to hear her talk to Jesus.

- We tell her to "STOP" and she runs faster in the opposite direction. Yes, I know it'd dangerous. We are working on it.

- David told someone the other day that she was two-and-a-half and I wanted to argue with him and deny it. But I can't because it's true.

- Instead I redetermine to

- Embrace, embrace, embrace.

- Each new day.

- Before they are so suddenly,

- Gone.


Anonymous said...

So so sweet, I am glad that you get to enjoy such lovely locks of hair. I LOVE my babies' curls! I love "My a big durl" ... so cute!! :)

Connie said...

Yes, the days go so quickly...and the years, too. It seems like yesterday YOU were that little girl.
I miss her sweet little curly head.
Love and Hugs,

Leslie said...

so so precious, so very very precious.

gosh she is getting so big so fast... I can't hardly believe it!!

thanks for the card...:)

mudpies4all said...

I don't have any nieces, only lots of nephews. All these sweet sayings and pictures makes me wish I had a niece or two... especially if they were as precious as your Girlykins!