Saturday, June 21, 2008

As someone once said...

" As long as I live, there will never be a dull moment."

I am finding that to be more than true in my life. Here are some bits and pieces of the random things that are filling up my heart and mind these days.

This is our new theme song for Annabelle. It's called Little Sack of Sugar. And we can't get through a line without giggling as we find it so funny and appropriate. Ever since she was teeny tiny she's been told " ohhhh sug/suggy/sugar/sugar/lips/ are just so yummy! " Her favorite songs to sing right now are " Zip-a-dee-doh-dah " and the ABC song.

( this precious little sun dress came in the mail this week for Annabelle, beautifully handmade with love by my amazingly talented and very dear childhood friend, Anna E. )

A Recent Cute/Funny Conversation with Dear Husband ( D.H.)-

D.H. : Hey babe.

Babe : Yeah?

D.H. : " If I am out with Annabelle and some woman says to me, about her..."she's SO cute!!!!" and then in the next breath says, " she looks just like you." Is that flirting?

Babe : * said with a big wink and grin, * " hmmm, that's a good question... "

So the other day we borrowed The Curious George Movie from the library. Not to be confused with what she calls " reggy-lar" Curious George . The PBS version that she had seen before and she was all excited to watch it and I was all excited to let her while I mowed our great big lawn. So I set up our portable DVD player on the back porch where I could see her from every angle while I cut the grass. Later on that day she told me, " Mommy, I like "reggy-lar Curious George, that new one is scary. I don't want to watch never ever, ever, EVER, ever, ever again. Seriously, 5 evers. And I felt so bad that I had been just blissfully mowing the lawn as she sat there, poor little thing, letting that big, bad, scary Curious George frighten her so. But I was so proud of her for telling me. I pulled her into my arms and told her that of course she didn't have to watch it, never, ever, ever again.
" But I can watch the reggy-lar one Mommy. It's not a scary, it's nice

If I let her, Annabelle would exist on these 5 foods :

1. Avocados

2. Strawberries

3. Green Grapes

4. String Cheese

5. Otter Pops

Yesterday I had a wonderful visit from this sweet friend and her darling assorted bouquet of children. She also happens to be new to the blogging world, so ladies if you get a chance, go over and give her a warm welcome. She has asked me to help her re-design her girls room, which is such a compliment. So we are making quilts and name banners, three of each and painting the walls pressed glass green and the furniture white and I am so excited to be in on this amazing project.

As a close friend recently told me " Your always scheming for something..." And of course when I told David she said that he said, " she knows you well. " And that's is the truth. I am constantly cooking up some idea of how we could someday make a very big dream come true: a family business. I say "our" with the hope that I am making progress in convincing David that this would be a profitable and enjoyable way to make a living. This website is the quickest way I can think to describe our exact idea. Which I thought it was original until I ran across this. Guess we'll have to settle for being a copy cat. But I am so curious to know what you ladies think?

And finally, it's something I have been wanting so badly for the past few months, and had been asking David for. Something I have kept one eye out for on Craigs List and at yard sales. And then yesterday evening out of the blue, our next next door neighbors popped in and asked if we want the swing set for Annabelle, the one that there little girl had outgrown. And so with the help of the men that live on our little street, they picked it up and walked it down two houses and replanted it our back yard. Annabelle was beside herself with glee. She was border-line jubulant infact and I was pretty happy too. David thinks it's an eye-sore and that it's just another thing to clutter up the yard , but he's an old softie and wouldn't thought of turning this offer down. It was so much fun to watch her try out every which way to go down the side, to swing on her tummy with her arms outstretched and little legs tucked up and shout at the top of her lungs, " I can fly. " She must have told us " this is fun !" a hundred times in a row.

Three guesses as to what we are doing today?


Lisa said...

*that dress is almost as pretty as the sweet girl wearing it! A talented friend, huh?

*DEFINATLY Flirting!!!

*4 of the 5 would be on my favorite foods list, although ever since hearing of otter pops from Leslie, I have wondered what in the wrld they are - I'll have to give them a try (lolly pops???)

*oooohhhhh, the business idea sounds amazing - you of all people could make it work, you are one talented lady! And you must share pictures of how your friends girls room turns out - see, everyone thinks youve got something special!

*enjoy the "flying" (it's way too much fun to be considered an eye sore)!!!

~Aminta~ said...

Who made that dress? SOOO cute!

SOO not flirting! I have said the very same thing to your husband, and you know as well as I that I wouldn't flirt with David! LOL ;)
Oh MY GOODNESS! I love the idea! We have talked before about it, but seeing the website makes it even more appealing! BUT, I think you would be amazing at it!
MAYBE you could do that in MOSCOW, IDAHO???? I think there would be an awesome market for it there.
Anyhow, I love you! Love your corkyness, and your SCHEMES (especially wehn they involve me!)
Love you GIRLY!

Donna said...

I just checked out that web site. You could so do that! You would be perfect for that. Keep working on David.

She is so cute in that darling dress.

I had such a great visit the other day. The flowers you gave me are amazing. They are taking center stage on my table. I have had so many compliments on those roses.

I am taking before pictures of the girls room. I can't wait to take the after pictures.

A million Thank you's to you. I couldn't to this project with out you.

SuzyQ said...

that last picture is priceless! i laughed just looking at how much fun she's having!

and i'm confused... do you want to have land/barn/venue which you rent, or do you want to do photography in addition? either way... fabulous!

and it could be flirting. because some guy did it to me (with someone else's kid. not even my mongoose. which was hilarious...). but it could also just be a compliment... so there you go. absolutely no help :P!

Leslie said...

okay first off.
yeah for otter pops! :)

and for scheming.. hehehe..
I think you would be amazing at this... Amazing!!! You definetly have the eye, and the vision and would be so great with working with brides cordinators etc.

Seriously wish I could be there to be your camera girl.. :)

ohhh and the swing, every girl needs one, don't ya think.... I most certainly do...

ohhh loving this post so very very much...

cute dress

mudpies4all said...

Your daughter is positively adorable, and you have a sweet spirit. I stumbled upon your blog a while back (2 years ago!!)and check in periodically to see how your darling girl is growing. You will never know how many times you have made me smile or lifted my spirits on a tough day. I've always wanted to let you know what a blessing you are but didn't know how to say it, so tonight I decided to just jump in with both feet and say thanks.

Good luck on the business venture... sounds like a winner and from what I've seen you can definitely make it happen!

Amanda said...

i love the story of reggy-lar curious george (which is elizabeth's favorite!)...and the sweet dress....and the flirting comment...and so many other little moments!

Cottage Mommy said...

I think there is always room for another business like that...especially one driven by what you love! I think it would be so cool to have something like that to do with your hubby! Go for your dreams girl!

Lisa said...

i absolutely adore the look on annabelle's face in the last picture ~ what amazing, pure, unadulterated joy. she is so very precious and so very smart and, i just know, so does take after both of her beautiful parents in every imaginable way. flirting or no, she's a doll.

aunttea said...

an adorable child. Ü