Wednesday, January 30, 2008

{ in good company }

Typically I don't do so well with David being gone for nights on end. I am usually a downright wimp about it. If not for the cheery little girl you see pictured on the left I'm afraid I wouldn't ammount to much more than a weepy, moping, puddle of tears. Fortunately sunshine and smiles follow her around all day long. So we are making it through each day, minus the Man of the House. Not that we don't miss him. Cause we do. Terribly so. It's just that at the same time, I am so glad to have my very own little girl to keep me singing and laughing all the day long.

And here are some of my recent favorite tib-bits of her that I want to be sure to jot down, so I never forget...

Like the way she says flop-flip instead of flip-flop

Or how when I ask her the color of something it is always, often without even looking, red first and if I say no, then it is pink. always.

I love how she cops out half way through the ABCs...once we get to " M " she then insists..."all done, Mommy, all done! "

Hearing her say "dear Jesus..." all by herslef tonight, for the first time

Then I woke up the other morning to her soft little pats and a " hi pretty Mama " (which of course her Dad taught her to say )

How well she has gotten at talking on the phone and when she tells her daddy " I miss you."

The phrase " stinky toes " which she picked up somewhere and says randomly throughout the day. That and " soggy bottom, " referring of course, to a wet diaper.

How every unfamiliar noise, is a " squeaky mouse "

She is really into copying anything and everything we say right now...And other day she was copying Auntie Roo. It went something like this:

A.R. : I

Annabelle: I

A.R. : am

Annabelle: am

A.R: going

Annabelle: going

A.R. : to

Annabelle (shouts with confindence ) : THREE!

Tonight after hearing me talk to her Daddy, who is currently unable to come home because the roads have been closed, on account of a really awful winter storm, she came up to me and said shaking her head gravely, "awww...poor daddy."

Her favorite toy is " Mr Socks " All day long it's " Mr. Socks this and Mr. Socks that, as if he were just another member of the family.

When she says " oh no, Annabelle made a mess! " and tries her little baby best to clean it up.

She is curled up into a little ball on my lap as I type this, sound asleep. And this feeling sweeps through me, that's more of an ache than anything else.

( with her Mr. Socks )


Leslie said...

so many things I want to say about this post. I should really should send you an email. The fact that at 9:12 your snuggling your girl on your lap as she sleeps. Is sweetness to me. So very much, and even though I have never had the sweetness of meeting Anabelle I almost feel as if I know her, and get so very excited at hearing her musings. So sorry Chelle to hear about David. Hopefully January has an end... and family life will return to normal.
Your a wonderfull mommy Chelle. Just wonderfull!

Fairlightday said...

She is the most delicious and sweetest baby girl ever! Love her so!Loved hearing her happy little voice come through the phone lines yesterday. I'm glad that she is there to keep you company. I'm the same way when Mike goes to Germany. It gives the phrase "Thank goodness for little girls" a whole new meaning.
Like Leslie said, You are a wonderful mommy. Your love for your husband, daughter, and life is a true inspiration and light for all to see.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

"To" - "Three" TOO cute!! My hubby just returned from a three week work trip ... it was rough being a single mom so I feel your pain. I'm sure you're doing great! Snuggling with Anabelle is always the best medicine for lonliness :)

laurenk said...

It was so good to talk to you and Annabelle last night!!!!!!!!!!!!

lolly lisa said...

What a sweet post!!!! Aren't you lucky to have such a wonderful daughter and she is lucky to have such a terrific mother...
Hang tight, I am sure David will be home before you know it - at least I hope so! Any news on the weather?

lolly lisa said...

How could I forget to mention how wonderfully adorable she is?!?!
I love the picture of her with her little pink dress and little pink shoes! She is one great dressed little girl, I tell ya...

Annabelles poppy said...

Poppy just loves how our little girl has her own soul.....many parts making it up, but her own indeed. I still think back and muse at how you her mommy was as a little girl, all of love and acceptance for those around you. I know that Mr. Socks will be a part of your memory for years to come, yes and her abc's will come, she just knows how unnecessary they are right now. It is all Mr Sock's fault, they're friends and he's waiting.

suzyq said...

i think maybe i need a mr. socks. life might just be simpler :D...