Friday, October 12, 2007

{ under their spell}

Poppy and Nana are at our house this week.

We are reading books, squirrel watching, "p(l)ay-ing!," going for walks, eskimo kissing, eating apples and cookies, playing golf in the back yard. And in general, having a total ball, together. Here are pictures to prove it.

But we will be back next week. I still need to tell you about our grand
time at the ocean and write a entirely Annabelle post.

Wishing you, a cozy sort of Friday.


Leslie said...

grandparents are so special. hope anabelle was enjoying there time.. I know she was!

Loved the photos... btw.. davids parents or yours?

chelle said...

Well I failed to mention that rather important little detail didn't I ? " Poppy and Nana " are my parents. :)

Fairlightday said...

Happy Day After your Birthday Dear!
I hope you guys had a wonderful time, accomplished lots of things on your list, and had a wonderful day. I love you!