Thursday, October 25, 2007

{ New Development }

She calls me " Momm-ia."
She calls herself, "Luc-ia."

I have no idea why. But wow, it's cute.


amanda said... has been SO long since I've been by...and my, my, how sweet and grown up annabelle is getting. i LOVED the all about annabelle post. can you believe she is almost 2! where does time go!

Leslie said...

oh so very sweet! Love that shot too!

Carrie said...

How cute-ia!
God bless :)

Rose Garden Romantic said...

She is so adorable! How wonderful that you are recording these sweet things she does and says. I have always written the things my boys say on little bits of scrap paper, but they are here and there and everywhere! I need to find them all and get them all in one place! Happy Belated Ocotober Birthday wishes to you, Miss Michelle married to a David! :D