Thursday, September 13, 2007

Precious in the Sight...

As of 9/5/07, he is with Jesus.
Thank you each for your words of love and prayers for us.
It's been a very sweet time.
Not without it's tears of course.
God is so good!


Fairlightday said...

We love you guys! Your in our prayers.

Jessica said...

Heaven must be such a wonderful place. I can't even wait!

I feel inadequate about even writing this in the same comment, but, THANKS you are so sweet to invite me to join All Things Domestic. Are you sure? I can just post on your blog about anything? I think I need a little 411 before I dive in! Also: I make the collages with Adobe photoshop. It's very simple, actually. I just create projects from scratch and "place" multiple photos on the project, moving and skewing them until I reach contentment. :) HOpe this helps!

Hope you and your family are taking care during this time of transition, sorrow, and joy!

Leslie said...

Weird.. I posted a comment to this before and now its gone...

I hope your family is hanging in there... Im thinking of you so much!