Thursday, October 12, 2006

We blog to know that we are not alone...

" Why do you blog? " Someone asked me that the other day. It’s a good question.
Blogging for me is a window to the outside world, a creative outlet, a cup of coffee and a visit with a friend, a support group, a place to spin the tale of our happy little life, a record of Annabelle's baby days.
I blog because I am afraid that if I don’t I will someday look back on our life as this wonderful fuzzy blur…And I don’t ever want to lose the sweetness of these days. I don't want the simple, ordinary, day-to-day joys to fade from memory with time.

So life becomes a treasure hunt.

A challenge to see things from God's perspective. And to never stop thanking Him for the glimpses of joy of truth and of beauty He sends every day. To recognize, when David's smiles at me, numberless times in a's God wispering, " I love you." To know that the delight that sparkles in the eyes of my tiny daughter, is nothing less than the joy of the Lord. To watch every evening, the sunset splendour as it glows across the hills and know it's Love, written in color, framed in by the corners of my living room window...a gift so exquisite, so personal. Or how often through the words of a friend, it occurs to me that I have just been divinely hugged .

I long to document His grace. Leave hints of His faithfulness for Annabelle to someday uncover. Proof that He is with us. Evidence of His goodness. A history of love. Our history.
Everyone blogs for a reason. Now you know mine.


Anonymous said...

now I among your readers