Thursday, October 12, 2006

a bouquet of baby thoughts...

She came to us quite by surprise
On a shinging,glorious Sunday morning
In the Middle of February.
We loved her entirely, instantly
We had loved her all along
But until that day, we were not certain who exactly it was we were loving…
Should we paint your little room pink or blue?

And we called you, this wee baby of ours:
The name came on a whim, out of Mommy’s
Love for A Child’s Garden of Verses
And a poem she had read there…

In their imagination, mommy and daddy could
See baby twirling and skipping on tippy toes,
off the rounded edges of Mommy’s largely, growing tummy…
Just like the tiniest fairy ballerina as Mommy thought
(Daddy thought more along the lines of a isty-bitsy middle linebacker…)

And then, before we had time to collect ourselves,
You were here..
just like that…
And you were the most beautiful tiny creature
Either of us had ever laid eyes on…
With your laughing sparkle-eyes of deep blue,
Your Daddies long and red eyelashes that curl at the tips,
The pinkest of chipmunk cheeks,
Rosie-red lips...that we can't keep from kissing
A nose like a button,
An adorable bit of a chin
Two elfin ears...
The plumpest little belly
Chubby dimpled fingers
Two legs covered with the dearest tootsie rolls...
And last but not at all least those rather famous
Twinkle Toes

“ Every inch of her is perfection. “
Her Mommy told her daddy.
And her Daddy agreed.

And yes, her toes really do twinkle.